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An Introduction to Flow Cytometry

An Introduction to Flow Cytometry




Release Date: May 2019




Stacey Robinson, MS, MLS(ASCP)SH, SCYM

Supervisor of Clinical Microscopy, Walter Reed NMMC, Bethesda, MD


Learning Objectives:


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

·         Explain the functions of the components of a flow cytometry system, including fluidics, lasers, fluorochromes, detectors and computer systems.

·         Devise methods of obtaining a cell suspension, staining, and lysing cells from different types of samples.

·         Discuss some frequently used CD markers and basic gating techniques.


Who should attend? Residents, Bench Technologists & Technicians, Students



Flow cytometry has become commonplace in hospitals, reference laboratories, and, in some instances, even in smaller hospitals and clinics. It is the principle behind most of the automated cell counters we use today. For a new leukemia or lymphoma case, it is often the quickest way to gain a large amount of information and potentially get treatment started early. Now, with the arrival of 8- and 10-color flow in clinical laboratories, even more information can be gathered from even fewer cells. It is a relatively simple technique that few people get to spend their days working with.

This session will begin by listing the components common to cytometry such as fluidics, lasers, fluorochromes, detectors, and computer systems and discussing their functions.

A patient sample through the process will follow, discussing the following aspects: sample types used for testing, methods of preparing a cell suspension, CD markers and staining, and acquisition, wrapping up with a brief discussion of gating and interpretation.

This course is intended as a basic overview of clinical flow cytometry for the technologist who does not currently work in a flow cytometry laboratory and would like a general understanding or review of the principles and techniques involved.

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