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Molecular Testing for Inherited Thrombophilia

Molecular Testing for Inherited Thrombophilia



Release Date: Sep 2019




Brian Poirier, MD

Medical Director, Colorado Coagulation, Denver, CO


Learning Objectives:


After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Describe the pathophysiology underlying common inherited thrombophilia disorders.
  • Distinguish between serologic testing for thrombophilia and genetic testing for thrombophilia, and understand the different interferences in the testing.
  • Cite clinical guidelines for ordering appropriate genetic testing for thrombophilia.

Who should attend? Practicing Pathologists, Residents, Pathologists’ Assistants, Laboratory Managers, Bench Supervisors, Bench Technologists & Technicians



This webcast takes a global view of genetic testing for thrombophilia, from the underlying pathophysiology to the guidelines for laboratory testing. The normal hemostatic process will be briefly reviewed, and with this understanding we will review the alterations in genes for coagulation proteins (such as factor V) and why these alterations affect the normal balance of clotting versus bleeding. The laboratory testing options for these disorders will then be presented, with a particular focus on genetic testing, and how it differs from serologic testing. The course will finish with a summary of guidelines for genetic testing for inherited thrombophilia.

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Molecular Testing for Inherited Thrombophilia
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