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Bone Marrow Pathology 4th Edition

Bone Marrow Pathology 4th Edition


4th Edition


ISBN: 9780891896647

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Kathryn Foucar, MD, FASCP

Kaaren Reichard, MD, FASCP

David Czuchlewski, MD

New Edition—Updated content with more than 2,400 stunning images.

The NEW Two-Volume 4th Edition of Kathryn Foucar's Bone Marrow Pathology is a major achievement, integrating classic morphologic diagnosis with the latest advances in flow cytometric immunophenotyping and immunohistochemistry with the most advanced molecular diagnostic techniques. The best of both worlds – this comprehensive two volume atlas features over 2,000 high-quality diagnostic images of neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease and illustrations of genetic results combined with practical advice from three masters of hematopathology, flow cytometry, and molecular genetic pathology. Bone Marrow Pathology, 4th Edition has the answers you need with tips, clues, and caveats in diagnosis and how to approach difficult diagnostic situations, as well as comprehensive coverage of immunology research and key diagnostic techniques including flow cytometry, flow cytometric immunophenotyping, immunohistochemistry, and cytogenetic and molecular genetic analysis.

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Item Details:

Item Details:

  • Over 400 quick reference tables, dx algorithms and much more
  • Over 2,400 images and figures
  • 45 chapters—all revised and expanded with foci on morphologic clues, differential dx and complete integration of pertinent molecular genetic findings
  • Entirely new “Approach” chapters...
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