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CheckPath Anatomic Pathology 2017 Glass

CheckPath Anatomic Pathology 2017 Glass

A combination glass-slide/virtual-slide/image-based assessment program. Five to seven cases with clinical histories are sent each quarter, and participants receive peer-reviewed interpretations for each case.

Participants can earn 20-28 CME, CMLE, or SAMs CME credit annually. This activity meets both Part II and Part IV CC requirements, as well as CAP laboratory accreditation requirements.

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Program Features

  • Cases with clinical histories sent each quarter
  • Participants receive peer-reviewed interpretations for each case and demographically-based laboratory and individual participant reports with peer to peer comparisons
  • 20-28 CME (or SAMs CME) credits offered per program
  • Meets CAP laboratory accreditation requirements
  • Pathology residents can participate for free
  • Participate online and receive immediate feedback

2016 CheckPath
Interested in ordering 2016 CheckPath? Content is fully refreshed on a yearly basis, so you’ll receive a completely different set of 20 cases, with laboratory and individual peer-to-peer performance reports. Delivery timelines are flexible based on your preferences.

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  • List Price: $799.00
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CheckPath Anatomic Pathology 2017 Glass
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