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LabQ Clinical Laboratory Volume Online 2017

LabQ Clinical Laboratory Volume Online 2017

ASCP LabQ offers an easy way to earn credits toward Credential Maintenance. LabQ is an online self-paced study tool composed of 18 real-life case studies designed to provide education specifically for practicing laboratory technologists. The cases present challenges faced in the lab and demonstrate how the laboratory professional or team resolves these problems.

What's Included:

  • 36 hours of CMLE credit (2 credits per exercise)-credits earned immediately after completing post-test
  • 6 hours of total credit offered in each of the following areas: clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, hematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, and transfusion medicine
  • At least 2 credit hours offered in patient and lab safety
  • Cases typically include laboratory results, tables, figures, digital images, and reference links to additional information and research
  • Certificates available for immediate download and printing
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Clinical Challenges of Adrenal Venous Sampling (Chemistry-LQCL1701)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: The Use of Delta Checks in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory (Chemistry-LQCL1702)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Proficiency Testing: Responding to Failure (Chemistry LQCL1703)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Differentiating Asymptomatic Monoclonal Gammopathies From Multiple Myeloma (Immunology LQCl1704)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Autoantibody Testing in Myositis (Immunology LQCL1705)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Utility of Newborn Screening and Confirmatory Testing for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (Immunology LQCL1706)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Castleman Disease (Hematology LQCL1707)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Plasma or Serum? Issues With Processing Plasma and Serum Specimens at Ancillary Phlebotomy Locations (Hematology LQCL1708)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Exchange Transfusion in the Treatment of Priapism Induced by Sickle Cell Disease (Hematology LQCL1709)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Antifungal Susceptibility Testing and Reporting for Candida Species (Microbiology LQCL1710)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Lomentospora prolificans: Characteristics, Diagnostic Methods, and Treatment Challenges-Microbiology (LQCL1711)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Detection and Laboratory Diagnosis of Strongyloides (Microbiology LQCL1712)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Reference Range–Induced Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia (Molecular Diagnostics LQCL1713)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Fragile X Testing in a 45, X (Turner Syndrome) Female (Molecular Diagnostics (LQCL1714)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Validation of a Comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing Panel on a Desktop Sequencer in a Diagnostic Pediatric Setting (Molecular Diagnostics LQCL1715)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Passively Acquired Red Blood Cell Antibody Reactivity Due to Daratumumab (Transfusion Medicine LQCL1716)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Drug-Induced Immune Hemolytic Anemia (Transfusion Medicine LQCL1717)
  • LabQ Clinical 2017: Variant Rh(D) Antigens: Their Nature, Identification, and Implication (Transfusion Medicine LQCL1718)
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