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Succession Planning: The Forgotten Plan

Succession Planning: The Forgotten Plan

Release Date: Apr 2017


Anthony Kurec, MS, H(ASCP)DLM
Clinical Associate Professor, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY


All too often, the need to address day-to-day laboratory operations supersedes some key aspects of management due to one basic factor: lack of time. Succession planning is one of those key factors that may be on someone's to-do list, but never quite rises to the top. Yet, unexpected vacancies of senior staff, uniquely skilled techs, and others in key positions can and do occur causing significant service interruptions. If a succession plan is not in place, laboratory services suffer and often result in a poorly organized, hasty attempt to satisfy needed services. This presentation will provide guidance to establishing a succession plan and key points to consider when creating it. Most importantly, it serves as a reminder that not planning ahead and making time to develop a succession plan can result in spending even greater amounts of time, effort, and money trying to resume the status quo in laboratory operations.

After attending this session, participants will be able to:

·         Recognize and identify your laboratory's needs in developing a succession.


·         Learn and implement the step-wise process of creating a succession plan.


·         Consider diversity needs in succession planning.


·         Identify those leadership skills/characteristics needed to sustain your laboratory's quality standards within the next generation of leaders.

Who should attend?  Practicing Pathologists, Residents, Doctoral Scientists, Pathologists' Assistants, Laboratory Managers, Bench Supervisors

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Succession Planning: The Forgotten Plan
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