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Antibodies Incognito

Antibodies Incognito

Release Date: Oct 2018




Jennifer Jung, MT(ASCP)

Lead Technologist, Immunohematology Reference Laboratory, American Red Cross, Missouri-Illinois Region, St. Louis, MO






Immunohematologists can easily be compared to medical detectives as they solve the case of the unidentified antibody in a patient sample. Clues are obtained from initial testing and are used to develop the list of possible suspects. Knowing the suspects early can lead to a more efficient identification. Once the cause of the reactivity is predicted, additional testing can prove or disprove the theory and make the identification. Sometimes antibodies are not so predictable and disguise themselves. Immunohematologists often have to change their thinking and investigate further to catch the culprit. It is the knowledge and experience gained by this trial and error that makes us better at solving the next case. This webcast will review several cases of antibodies incognito. Learners will follow the serological clues used during the investigation and examine the thought processes used to solve the case of the unidentified antibody.   



After attending this session, participants will be able to:


  • Recognize the unpredictable nature of antibody identification.
  • Analyze initial serologic blood bank testing results to make an educated prediction for the cause of antibody reactivity in a patient sample.
  • Select further testing techniques to prove or disprove a suspected cause of reactivity in a serologic blood bank investigation.


Who should attend? Residents, Laboratory Managers, Bench Supervisors, Bench Technologists and Technicians, Students
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Antibodies Incognito
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