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Age Specific Care and Phlebotomy

Age Specific Care and Phlebotomy

Release Date: Jul 2018




Terry Kotrla, MS, BS, MT(ASCP)BB

MLS Program Director, Austin State Hospital, Austin, TX






Blood collection procedures can be technically and emotionally challenging. Psychological and social interpersonal skills utilized in the blood collection setting such as tone of voice, eye contact, and listening will vary depending upon the age of the patient. Being able to apply age-specific care often depends on using age-appropriate communication skills to understand the patient's needs. At each stage in life there are certain qualities and needs that are shared, and by understanding what these are, phlebotomists can provide better and more appropriate interpersonal interaction with each patient thereby increasing patient satisfaction. This presentation will address the psychological needs, social needs, and examples of appropriate interpersonal skills for each age-specific group that are important for phlebotomists to know and understand. Once training of phlebotomists and other healthcare workers who perform blood collection procedures is implemented, they will need to be assessed on how well they are meeting these standards. Suggestions for such assessment and evaluation of employees are provided to ensure the guidelines set by your institution are being met.



After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • State why "age specific care" as it relates to phlebotomy has become important.
  • List the three categories of interpersonal skills which are important to communication.
  • List eight age specific groups and state the interpersonal skills appropriate for each one.


Who should attend? Laboratory Managers, Bench Supervisors, phlebotomists, Healthcare workers performing blood collection procedures

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Age Specific Care and Phlebotomy
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